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We are distinguished in the process of manufacturing and supplying an excellent range of Bituminous Materials, Bitumen Materials like Cationic Bitumen Emulsion, Polymer & Rubber Modified Bitumen and Blown Bitumen Emulsion. In addition to this, we hold specialization in Construction Services, Road Construction Services like Mastic Treatment & Road Construction, which helps us meet diverse needs of our clients. Further, all these products are well credited for their durability, shock absorption, self-healing vibration resistance to deformation & friction and environment friendly qualities.

Bitumen Materials:

Manufacturer and supplier of Bitumen Materials like Mastic Asphalt, Polymer Modified Bitumen, Cationic Bitumen Emulsion.

Rubber Modified Bitumen

We manufacture our range of Rubber Modified Bitumen to meet the needs of high density corridors.

Polymer Modified Bitumen

Conforming to IRC : SP : 53-2002 & BIS:IS:15462-2004

we manufacture our range of Polymer Modified Bitumen to meet the needs of high density corridors. Furthermore, this product can be used for constructing durable and stronger pavement. MORTH and IRC have recommended our product as one of the leading construction bitumens in the industry.

Besides this, our bitumen product prevents various mishaps on roads that include:

> The rise and fall in temperature can result in softening of the pavements in summer and breakage during winters.
> The roads get totally damaged during monsoons and lead to excessive stripping.
> Heavy traffic on roads can also lead to rutting, undulations, potholing, cracking and shortening the life of the pavements.

Besides this, we modify this bitumen using material such as rubbers, plastics and elastomers. This modification is done through scientific experiments and trails, which helps in enhancing its quality as road binders. Moreover, this modification provides following main features:

> Resistance to cracking in low temperatures.
> Resistance to deformation.
> Resistance to ageing through U.V. radiation.
> Resistance to softening in high temperatures.
> Long-term preservation of the smooth riding surface.
> Higher frictional resistance to the surface.
> Arresting deterioration of quality in case of overheating/repeated heating of bitumen.
> Enhance elastic properties to withstand severe overloading conditions.
> Higher retained strength after exposure to moisture.

Owing to these features, several ground trials in India have got acceleration that exhibits outstanding qualities and reduces cost. In accordance with this, the Indian Road Congress has set up some guidelines in IRC:SP: 53-1999 that favors the usage of this product.

Road Construction Services:

Service provider of road construction services like Road Construction at Jamshedpur under JUSCO, Mastic Work Executed Services.

Road Construction Services

We are a service provider of Road Construction Services at
Jamshedpur under JUSCO.

Mastic Road Construction Services

We offer Mastic Work Services. Some of the Mastic Work Executed by us :

> City Div.PWD Red Road, Kolkata, 8112 m2
> Howrah Div. PWD Uluberia-Bagnan Road,Howrah 6250 M2
> Assansol Div. PWD DVC More,Durgapur 30045 m2
> Kolkata Municipal Corp., Hem Ch. Nashkar Rd. Kolkata 20268 m2
> Kolkata Municipal Corp.,Garden Reach Rd., Kolkata 15213 m2
> Purulia Div. PWD, Purulia-Ranchi Rd, Purulia 5500 m2
> Durgapur Municipal Corp., Bharingi More, Durgapur 19000 m2
> T&T Sector KMDA, Park circus connector, Kolkata 39513 m2
> Kolkata Municipal Corp., A.P.C. Road, Kolkata 25348 M2
> Tantia Construction Co., Kolkata Gariahat Jn. to Ballygunje, Kolkata - 70000 m2
> RBM Pati Kolkata Carriageway on NH-6, Howrah 12900 M2

Mastic Asphalt

We provide customization on our range of Mastic Asphalt, which is mainly a homogeneous mixture of finely graded material and bitumen in adequate composition. This mixture helps in bringing out best grade of plastic and compact mass that when floated & troweled give thick surfacing. The high resistance of straining the matrix presents in the components, helps the material to feature great mechanical strength. The thickness of this material can be altered from 20-50 mm to 12-15 mm as per he job requirements.

The main features of this Mastic Asphalt are:

> Durability
> Bleed prevention
> Resistant to deformation
> Self-healing vibration & shock absorbing
> Fully impermeable


Under the BIS certification our product has following main uses:

> It is suitable to be used in the flooring of industrial buildings, warehouses, grain storage structures and various other special floorings like chemical resistant, oil resistant, and spark proof (conductive) flooring. It is also recommended as a base coat to receive floor coverings like linoleum, flexible PVC sheets and rubber
> Recommended for tanking and damp proofing (IS : 5871/87)
> Recommended for water proofing of roofs (IS : 3037/860, reaffirmed in 1991)
> It is widely recommended for use as a wearing course both on flexible and on concrete surface (generally on bridge and concrete decks, IS:5317/ 2002. It can be used on heavy duty pavements, busy city streets carrying high volume of traffic, road junctions where heavy tangential forces are expected & cornering stresses are predominant
> Recommended for flooring or for flooring underlay (IS : 1195/2002)

Mastic Asphalt for roads:

The roads constructed using this superior quality mastic asphalt have following key advantages over the traditional roads:

> Upgradation - The road constructed using mastic asphalt gets upgraded giving fine finish
> Beautification - This material helps in beautification of the roads for a longer period of time
> Economy -Low maintenance and saves time


> High abrasion resistance - This material has a thick layer, which is resistant to abrasion
> Total imperviousness - Does not allow water to peep in
> The self filling property- The higher the traffic, the better it behaves
> Easy maintenance - Low cost of maintenance and patchwork after every 10 years helps in bringing out the distressed part
> Durability- Has long lasting performance

Besides this, the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has given instructions for using this mastic asphalt for roads and bridge works as per their specifications. These specifications are detailed in the account published by the Indian Road Congress. In accordance with this, the bitumen used in mastic asphalt treatment (binder) 10/20 is as per IS:702. Moreover, it gives longer functional life and has better softening point ranging from 70° & 85°. Its penetration value 15± 5 depends on the different climatic conditions. Also, the high quality grade of bitumen 30/40 is best suited for the changes occurring in the temperature.

Cationic Bitumen Emulsion:

Supplier & Distributor of Cationic Bitumen Emulsion. Our product range also comprises of Bitumen Materials, Road Construction Services.

Our wide range of Cationic Bitumen Emulsion is manufactured as per the IS:8887/2004 and has BIS License No. CM/L – 5109350. Furthermore, we test this product considering various quality parameters before it is delivered to our customers' sites. Moreover, since 1988, this Cationic Bitumen Emulsion is a high quality product that is efficient in meeting the construction requirements of national highways BROs, PWDs and private/public sectors.

The main features of our product are mentioned below:

> Available on DGS & D’s rate contract
> Recommended by IRC & MORTH for different road construction work
> Environment friendly & pollution free
> Ideal for roads in extreme wet climates and rainy season

User Advantages:

> No pre-heating is required, which helps in safe handling and reduced costs
> The low viscosity of the emulsion provides better penetration and spreading capacity
> It can be used even with wet aggregates that ensure work during the monsoon
> Cat asphalt is electrically charged containing anti-stripping properties, which has better bonding with hydrophilic aggregates that are largely available in India
> Saves energy
> Safety and pollution control
> This compatible emulsion can be used in cold application for safety of the workers
> It also speeds up the work process
> The bitumen emulsion helps in saving imported petroleum oil or firewood, since no heating is required
> This cationic bitumen emulsion reduces the toxic fumes such as hydrocarbon

In addition to this, our ISI marked product is commonly used by PWDs, BROs, Municipal Corporations and Private Contractors present across the nation. This shows impeccable results in road construction during different weather conditions.

Blown Bitumen:

Supplier & Distributor of Blown Bitumen. Our product range also comprises of Bitumen Materials, Road Construction Services and Cationic Bitumen Emulsion.

Blown Bitumen

Manufacturer and supplier of Blown Bitumen Emulsion to meet the needs of high density corridors. Our product is well known for its quality and strength. Our products are available at market leading prices.

Stone Matrix Asphalt:
The Philosophy of the SMA-Concept

High stability to permanent deformation and high wear resistance by an excellent particle interlock and a high content of crushed premium aggregates.
Longevity and durability to premature cracking and raveling by a very high content of bitumen and a void less mastic mortar which fills the voids of the stone skeleton and binds it together :Good quality of bitumen is prerequisite for a long useful service life.
Stabilizing additives assurances the . I. homogeneity (no binder drainage) of the mix 4 during the manufacturing, transportation and laying. As a side effect, they improve the stability.

Advantages of Stone Matrix Asphalt:
> Longer servicelife
> High wear resistance
> Higher asphalt content
> Better long-life behavior
> Broad range of application
> Premium materials and additives
> Good low temperature performance
> High stability against permanent deformation
> Slow aging and durability to premature cracking of the asphalt

Range of Application:
> Highways
> Rural Roads
> Mining Areas
> Urban Roads
> Federal Roads
> Shipping Ports
> Industrial Areas
> Airport Runways